7 Easy Ways to Set Up VNC on Mac OS X

VNC which is abbreviated for Virtual Network Computing allows to send remotely keyboard and mouse input across a network or the internet from one PC to another with the exact view on the other’s screen. This is exactly like controlling a computer just similar as you sit and do in front of a computer, but can access from any other room, building or from any distant place. If you have Mac device and looking to set VNC on your system, then follow the easy steps given below.

Step1: To set up VNC you need to run your Mac OS X with right booting process. Connect your Mac OS box with power supply and internet connection and switch on the device.

Step2: Such settings are available at system preferences, hence login into your Mac device and go to system preference section. You can also take help of Mac OS X support.  

Step3: After opening system preferences, click on sharing icon under the “Internet and Network” category that will take you to desktop remote management.


Step4: At this stage, you need to highlight apple remote desktop component located in the list item. There are multiple other options but do not check any other option.

Step5: Now click at the start to launch the apple remote desktop service. Here, all the services should be checked box to properly launch the apple remote service.

Step6: After firing the apple remote desktop service you can access the computer, but if you are not connecting with JollysFastVNC or ScreenSharing, you can try the step manually by clicking access privileges to open the more advance options where you need to check on “VNC viewers may control screen with password and assign a password.

Step7: If despite all these efforts, you not able to connect through screen sharing then take help from Mac OS X technical support through remote access and solve your problem.